Alexandra , 38
         Hi there, Alexandra , 38 years old. I'm coming from Odessa. I am here looking for Something romantic,Something surprising,Something promising. For more information, please check my profile below. If you think I am the one sharing the same ideas as you do, feel free to let me know.

By Alexandra from Ukraine

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  • Member ID: L1189499
  • Date of birth: 1985-11-16
  • Height: 172cm
  • Location: Odessa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine
  • Name: Alexandra
  • Astrology: Scorpio
  • Weight: 56kg
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Love counts kilometers? Do you think we have a chance? Is love in the distance? Do you believe in that?
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Prince on a white horse? You think modern women dream about it? Oh God, what nonsense. This is a dream of 13 years old girls. Adult self-sufficient women do not dream about this at all. Yes, everyone’s dreams are different, but speaking of men, women want to see a man held next to them, with specific goals and desires. Everyone is screaming about the unearthly riches and the figure of Apollo. God, well, what kind of nonsense is this, why is this all? Check, it does not matter what figure and financial situation. After all, if a man is mature, is responsible for his actions and does not behave like a boy, no princes and white horses are needed. You think or reasoning is stupid? You think you know better what women want?

Alexandra , 38

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