Hi there, GERALDIN , 21 years old. I'm coming from Bogota. I am here looking for Something nice and easy,Something surprising. For more information, please check my profile below. If you think I am the one sharing the same ideas as you do, feel free to let me know.

By GERALDIN from Colombia

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  • Member ID: L1310664
  • Date of birth: 2002-11-16
  • Height: 150cm
  • Location: Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • Name: GERALDIN
  • Astrology: Scorpio
  • Weight: 59kg
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I am looking for someone who understands that I am a beginner when it comes to love, someone who does not take advantage of my innocence when it comes to love. I am looking for someone sincere, who wants to meet my mother, which is what matters most to me in life. I am looking for someone who wants
Self Introduction
Hello, you already know that life is a note, it is a musical note that as you play it inspires you to reach a melody. I'm a DJ and that's how I see my step in this difficult profession with ups and downs, it's not easy to please everyone, but I always do my best to make people dance and be happy. Maturity is not in age, maturity is in your mentality.


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